With our state-of-the art Basement Finishing technology you know you make the right choice because our technology is the only system on the market to offer ALL of the following characteristics:

  • Made in Canada. no costly freight transport cost
  • Is not a food source to support the growth of mold
  • wall coverings meets or exceeds all of the following lab tests: Stain resistance, water resistance, abrasion, tearing strength, breaking strength, seam slippage, resistance to fungal growth, resistance to bacterial growth, and flammability
  • Our line of hospital grade wall coverings also protect again bacteria and germs from spreading
  • Our panels are easily removable to access founbdation walls for future foundation repairs, running electrical wires, plumbing, etc
  • System provides for a 85% Noise Reduction Co-Efficient (NRC)
  • With our team of professionals we offer a clean, quick, Seamless, and efficient installation process
  • Our products have a class A fire rating
  • Adds an additional R-value of 4 to your existing R-Factor
  • Lifetime warrantee provided on all installations
  • Stain, tear, and fade resistant fabric
  • Products will not rot or degrade
  • breathable panels allows for maximum airflow to prevent musty smells from occuring
  • Self healing and Dent free panels can take a beating without any patching necessary
  • Easily hang pictures and other objects up to 75lb without any extra supports required
  • Can easily be modified in future to make and/or remove additional rooms
  • Optional two-tone walls and crown molding

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Financing Available
Looking for a low monthly payment? Don't have the finances for a major basement renovation but you want to take advantage of our great pricing? We have LOW interest financing available for our customers regardless of contract price. Apply ONLINE today and you could be approved within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Our customers satisfaction is always our top priority, they drive us to do what we do. We ensure each and every customer is satisfied not just at the end of the job, but throughout the entire process. Our customers testimonials prove that we have what it takes to do the job right.